Who Wants to Play a Game?

With all talk about community (check out Hy’s latest post too), I think it’s timewho wants to play I actually do something other than just run my mouth. Hard to believe, I know.

So I’ve been thinking and I’ve got a couple ideas, but of course you, dear reader, are a large part of this process and I’d like to know what you think. Plus I’ve got issues with making decisions!

Ideally, I’d like to do a game at least once a month, so you’re going to see all of these at some point or another.

I’m working on ways to make it so everyone who wants to participate can, whether they blog elsewhere or only read.

I’ve also got some ideas for prizes, for those games where there would be a winner, including gift cards, ebooks and maybe a sex toy or two.

Anyway, let me know what you think! Feel free to comment with suggestions below or email me at lovesexandmarriageblog@gmail.com.

*hugs and kisses*

#Masturbation Monday: The bathtub

It had been a long day. Too long of a day. Between the baby’s cries and the bitchy women at work, she was exhausted.

Once the house was quiet for the night, she poured herself a glass of wine and headed into the bathroom, the water for her bath already filling the room with steamy fog.

She stripped and settled down into the water, letting its heat relax her. As she sipped her wine, her mind wandered. Soon, her thoughts centered on the guy from the feed store earlier today: tall, dark and handsome didn’t even begin to describe him. Just standing behind him in line made her mouth drool and her panties wet.

As she thought of the hard muscles visible beneath his t-shirt, her hands skimmed over her breasts, lightly grazing the skin, sending goosebumps across her flesh. One hand traveled further south while the other circled around her nipple, making it a tight peak.

Her fingers slipped over her clit, still hidden beneath its hood, and moved into her folds, slick in the water. As she played there, she thought of him, imagined the thickness of his cock, how it would stretch her wide, fill her full, make her scream out in ecstasy while he fucked her.

She stretched, finished her wine and straddled the edge of the tub, slipping two fingers deep inside her. She rocked forward on her hand, grinding her clit against her palm. She closed her eyes, imagining him there. She pictured him, standing in front of her, cock in his hand, slowly stroking the length of it up and down while he watched her with his dark eyes.

She rocked faster as she sees a drop of pre-cum bead at its tip and she imagines flicking her tongue across the tip of his cock, tasting him. She feels his hand in her hair, holding her there while she sits on the edge of the tub, fingers buried in her pussy. He thrusts into her mouth, deep, hitting the back of her throat and making her gag.

She uses one hand to pinch her nipple and it sends a jolt through her. She imagines him fucking her mouth, his hands holding her head in place while he takes her. She feels her pussy tighten on her fingers and knows she’s close.

She pushes harder against her hand while she pictures him pulling her head off his cock, stroking it at her lips while he tells her what a beautiful little slut she is. When she sees him cumming in her mind, she joins him, arching into it, her clit hard against her hand as her pussy squeezes her fingers and the telltale fluids drip out around them.

She slows, rocking slowly while the spasms quiet. She sits there a moment, breathing deep, still seeing him in her mind’s eye before slipping back into the warm water of the tub, eyes closed, dreaming of him.


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Guest Post: How Kama Sutra Changed My Life

Hey y’all. Here’s a new guest post from Diana. Hope you enjoy!


At the beginning of a relationship, sex can be really intense. But, after many years routine slowly takes over. I felt this in my relationship with my husband.

When you begin to find sex boring, there are new positions to experiment, new locations. But after more than ten years, very few new options remain. From this moment, some people may think about cheating, but I couldn’t cheat my husband. I loved him too much and I never wanted to do such a thing. One day, a female friend who had a similar situation with her husband told me that she attended a seminar about kama sutra and that her sex life has changed for the better.

I talked to my husband about this to see his reaction. He is an open minded person and he agreed to let me go to the seminars with my friend. One I learned the basics, I wanted to know more and I bought some books about kama sutra. I explained everything to my husband, he became fascinated of the subject and started to read the books as well. Then, we decided to try some of the techniques presented in the seminar. Since then, my sex life has improved a lot and it continues to be exciting.

Before I went to the seminar, I had very limited knowledge about kama sutra, thinking that it is just a manual about sex morality. But it is actually a collection of exotic sex positions that can help you and your partner to experience sex in a deeper and meaningful way. In this practice, positioning is the most important factor.If you are bored with the classical positions, such as missionary, doggy or spooning, you can now learn exotic positions that are guaranteed to make you reach amazing orgasms.

Here are my favorite kara sutra positions:

Lotus Bloom

This is a position in which the partners must make sure they are as closer to each other as possible. The legs are kept straight in front of him, but they can also be bent. She sits on top of his lap and her legs are wrapped around the bottom of the man. All the important pleasure points of the woman can be accessed from this position and the man should take advantage of this.

The Delight

He kneels near the bed with his penis at the level of her vagina and his body and she wraps her legs around him. He wraps her body with his hands and penetrates her.

The Surprise

If you want a nice alternative to the doggy style position, you can use this one that is even wilder. The man is on his feet and he penetrates the woman from behind, while the woman has her hands on the floor. The man keeps her waist with his hands, which makes the movement easier. He can play with her anus to give her more pleasure.

The Submitted

Even if the man has to lay in the bed and the woman is on top of him with her back to his face, this position is comfortable and enjoyable for both partners. The woman can start kissing her partner and caressing him, until he is very much excited. Then, she can get on top of him and start the dance.

The Jellyfish

The man sits on a surface that is harder than the bed and the women can get on his lap, while she lets the man penetrate her slowly. In this position, the clitoris is also stimulated during movement.

Wild Rage

Men who like doggy style will surely love this position and it is called little dog. She is on her knees and hands, while the man who is also on his knees and penetrates her from the back. He can also wraps his arms around her body. In this position, the penis can get caught between the buttock and this is extremely enjoyable for the man.

Just as you have seen, these positions are amazing and can help you feel an extreme amount of pleasure. Since I practice kama sutra with my husband, we are having sex more often and it never gets boring. Some position may resemble classical positions but they usually have something that makes them better. If you want to have intense orgasms and endless moments of pleasure, but also to avoid boredom in the bedroom, you should definitely try this practice. It changed my sex life.

Author bio:
Diana is part time blogger and a passionate writer interested in topics related to fantasy. Currently she is following reddooragency.com.au new project.

So… That’s Who You Are!

thanksFirst off, I want to sincerely thank all of you that took the time out of your busy day to take my survey! I was surprised and ecstatic with the responses I received.

You all fucking rock!

I figured that some of you may be interested in the results and there were a few questions/comments that I wanted to respond to. So without further ado, here’s how it boiled down.

  • 64% of you are female.
  • Most of you are between 25 and 45. This was an almost exact bell curve, with very few at each end of the age bracket.
  • 75% are either married and/or living with their partner.
  • I was also surprised to find out that there are almost exactly the same amount of wordpress bloggers as there are non-blogging readers. I did not expect that to be the case.
  • While the majority of you are not in a D/s dynamic, most of you do like to play with a bit of kink.
  • Another startling fact is that there are more lurkers here at LSAM than regular commenters. I LOVE MY LURKERS!

So that’s pretty much what I found out. Y’all love reading sexy stories, whether they’re fact or fiction and you like the element of honesty you find here. Thank you for that.

And a few comments on the survey comments…

  • One reader mentioned that she doesn’t know how to comment, as she doesn’t have a WP account. I’ve made some changes behind the scenes and now no information needs to be given to comment. We’ll see if I get slammed with spam, but I’m hoping not. So where it asks to you to leave a comment, you won’t have to put in an email address or url. I hope this helps! If not, please email me and let me know!
  • Another blogger wondered why I was doing the survey, instead of simply looking at the blogs that follow me. Well, as the information above shows, not everyone blogs. And sometimes just because someone clicks follow, it doesn’t mean they actually read. And I’ve gone months without blogging and have no idea who people are when I come back (bad, bad caitlyn). So this gave me the opportunity to figure it out and get some sort of idea of who reads.
  • More on this point… I was reading a marketing blog the other day, and they stated that you should create a persona that is your “typical” reader. They suggested you give them a name, an age, a career, know their likes and dislikes, their online habits, etc. While I’m not going that far, I completely understood the reasoning behind it and it spawned this survey.
  • For the reader with the VW, I recommend 5w-30. :)

So there you go folks. Now you know who your partners in crime are. And I love every single one of you!!

Thanks again. For doing the survey. For following. For reading. For being there.

*hugs and kisses*

Tell Me…

found at http://www.firstandfifteenth.net/ via google images

found at http://www.firstandfifteenth.net/ via google images

About you.


See, I’m trying to get a better feel of who the community is around these parts and I figured what better way to find out than to just ask.

So I’m gonna ask.

If you wouldn’t mind, would you take this survey? It should take less than 2 minutes.


Even if you don’t want to, you should still do it because it took me a ridiculous amount of time fucking with the html to try and get it to work before I realized that WP.com doesn’t allow it.

*head shaking in frustration*

Here’s the link, again.

And again.

And this is for all you folks out there, even the lurkers!

Thanks y’all. Peace out.



ps – No personal or identifying information is taken from this survey. Promise.

Building a Community

So a few posts ago, I was kind of bitching about the blog and what to do with it keep calm and blog onand how it’s not like it used to be and blah, blah, blah. I was surprised *and grateful* for the responses I received, both on the blog and through email, and it got me thinking about somethings.

When I started blogging a few years back, we had a strong, tight-knit group of bloggers here in our kinky corner of WordPress. We were, if nothing else, a community of like-minded individuals. Although some have come and gone in the years since, there are still many of us around and some that have recently come back from the abyss.

And I understand that things change. Back then, many of us had just started blogging, all within a few months of each other, so we were new and fresh and blogging was exciting and fun.

But now, sometimes it feels as though something is lacking. And I think that thing is the sense of community that we used to have. The sense that we were all in this together and if nothing else, we were gaining insight and friendship from others.

Now I’m not sure how that happened and how it went away, although I’ve got a few theories. But I know I miss it and I know blogging was a much more satisfying experience than it is now.

So, what I’m getting at is that I want to start working to gain that sense of community again. How? I’m not sure yet. But I’m thinking about it. And googling it. And I’m very open to suggestions.

And I guess I’m interested in knowing if this is just me, or if others feel the same.

So what you think? Is anyone interested in doing some community activities? Do you have any ideas? Let me know by leaving a comment or shooting me an email at lovesexandmarriageblog@gmail.com.

I’m excited about this. Excited about blogging. For the first time in quite awhile.


Wedding Night Revisisted

A few weeks ago, M and I were moving my mother into a new house. While cleaning out her basement, I came across a giant white box wrapped in plastic. My wedding dress.

“Think it still fits?” I ask him, holding it up.

“Mmm. I bet,” he said. “Can’t believe I never fucked you in it”

Fast forward 12 hours and we’re in our bedroom. I’m wearing white thigh highs with black bows on the back, a corset and my wedding dress.

We have a few drinks while we hang out in bed. “How did I not fuck you in this?” he asks as his hands graze against the top of my breasts where they swell out of my gown.

I laugh. “We were young and dumb.” I think of us then and now. I loved him then, but it’s so much more now, so much deeper.

As we talk and reminisce, his hands find their way to the bottom of the dress. They sneak under layers of tulle and satin and work up my stockings until they flutter along the skin at the top of my thighs. His words trail off as his lips fall to my shoulder, my neck, my collarbone. When his lips meet mine, his fingers dip under the stockings. He tugs them, then lets them snap back against my skin.

Before I know it, I’m on my back and M’s face is buried between my legs, his fingers pulling my white panties to the side as his tongue flicks across my clit. The fingers on his other hand move through my folds and I’m lost. It doesn’t take long before he’s got me at the brink of orgasm, withering beneath him.

Two fingers bury themselves deep inside and I’m cumming around him, juices pouring out of me as I grip my fingers in his hair, holding him to me so I can ride out my orgasm on his mouth.

A few orgasms later and I find myself sideways in bed, M’s fingers still playing, pushing and prodding and rubbing, making a mess out of me while I lick his cock from base to tip. My tongue swirls around the head and the sensitive area right beneath as my hands massage his balls. Within moments, I’m excited and don’t want to wait any longer. I rise up so I can take the length of him into my mouth all the way to the base of his cock.

His groan of approval sets me off and my mouth moves up and down on him as his fingers play and stretch my cunt. I start to cum again and push his cock deep in my throat until I’m gagging on it. His free hand wraps into my hair to hold me in place and I start cumming.

Then I’m on my knees, his cock buried deep in my pussy. He’s got one hand holding the back of my dress while the other runs across the skin on my ass. He’s mumbling words of love and sex, although I can’t concentrate enough to hear him. My pussy’s on edge, already racked by multiple orgasms. I’m pretty sure I’m whimpering nonsensical things -“Yes Daddy,” “Please,” “Fuck, fuck, fuck”- and my body’s to the point where I can no longer determine when I’m cumming and when I’m not.

His hand connects with the skin of my ass with a loud smack and I’m clenching him, soaking the dress and sheets beneath me. Again and again, I’m lost and panting and moaning and cumming and crying and I want it to stop right now and I want it to last for ever and ever.

For hours he tosses me around the bed, fucking me this way and that. My mouth, my pussy, my hands. When he finally cums, I’m on my back, pillows piled beneath my ass, both my ankles over his shoulders while he leans down to kiss me. We’re both covered in sweat and cum and he reaches behind my head and pulls my hair, making me arch beneath him, exposing my neck. I growl out his name as my pussy squeezes his cock.

“Fuck pretty girl. I’m cumming,” he says through gritted teeth, thrusting deep and hard into me until he explodes. He rides it out for as long as he can, and I watch him savor the feelings until he slows and lowers himself onto me.

A little while later, I fall asleep wondering how different things would have been if our first wedding night had been like this….

Friday (8/29/14) is Boobday!

So the lovely Hy Jones is at it again with Boobday! A few changes and tweaks, a new picture for the meme and a booby pic!

Here’s my August contribution(s).


IMG_20140828_082421I love this t-shirt. It’s old and comfy and pretty damn transparent. And M loves the way my nipples look through the thin cotton. M loving my nipples… That’s always a bonus!


IMG_20140828_082442Nothing too fancy, but I figured I needed to start off the new and improved Boobday with some actual flesh!
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It’s Been Awhile

Hey y’all. Yeah, I know. It’s been awhile. And while I hate those “I’m sorry… I’ve been busy… Here’s what’s going on” posts, that’s sort of what you’re going to get. Don’t worry, I won’t be offended if you don’t read.

See, I’ve been thinking about writing here a lot lately. I always do really, and the blog is never far from my mind. But I just can’t seem to do it. The other day, I wrote over 1,000 words for a long overdue awards post, but it’s so boring, it puts me to sleep.

I don’t know what’s holding me back. I can’t even say that I’m not writing, because I am. I’ve recently quit my 9-5 and am now officially a professional writer. Which means I write what anyone will pay me to write, and it means I write a lot. Every day. Word swim through my mind and across my fingers on an hourly basis, but yet here sits LSAM, without a post in 2 months.

And it’s not even that I don’t have things to write about. I do. M and I have crazy, kinky sex all the time. Christ, the other night we fucked for 5 hours. I’ve got multiple erotic fiction pieces started that make me hot and heavy. And I’ve thought up so many posts and content and how-tos that I could fill a notebook with them.

But yet I don’t.

What the fuck is that about?

Part of me, I think, feels lost here. So many faces come and gone over the years. And I know that happens and I know it always will. But because of that, I think I’ve put up some barriers.

I don’t like making friends and then watching them drop off the face of the Earth, never knowing if they were abducted by aliens or caught in a crossfire. But that’s part of the deal with blogging. It’s part of the game. It’s Russian roulette around these parts; you never know who will go and who will stay.

But I do know I can’t just sit in the background either. It’s no fun to just watch. I want to engage. I need to join in the conversation, be part of the group. I just don’t know if I have it in me anymore.

But I have to. If I want this writer thing to work out, I need to get involved. I don’t want to be a word whore for the rest of my life, giving people keywords and SEO and google rankings. I want to write about what I want to write about. I want to write about what I care about.

And I care about here. I do. I just need to show it.

And I will.

I’m still working on moving the blog and it feels overwhelming. I’m still deciding on how to do it and may reach out to some of you who’ve experienced it for your advice and tips.

If I’m honest, I’m scared to do it. It sort of feels like starting over and that makes me nervous. There was a time when I poured blood, sweat and tears into this blog and I don’t want to lose that.

Anyway, tomorrow’s the first day of school and the alarm will be going off early. Hopefully you’ll be seeing me around these parts a little more.

Good night y’all.

*hugs and kisses*

This One’s a Keeper

vivienThis month I received the Entice Vivien from Cal Exotics for my Sexpert review.

Shit. Fuck. Damn.

This little boy went well above and beyond my expectations. When I finally set out to review this rabbit-style toy, I wasn’t expecting a whole lot. I’ve used my fair share of rabbits before and although I don’t mind them, they are not my favorite go-to toy.

Well, fuck. I was so wrong.

I grabbed the Vivien and opened up my laptop, headed to my favorite porn site. I wasn’t even horny or aroused, and seemed to be treating it more as a chore than a favorite activity.

As I ran the silicone over my mound, I noticed how smooth and soft the material was and how nice the low vibration was. And then I noticed the heat.

Yes, the heat. And oh. my. god. The things it does. I never knew what heat could do, and now, in reflection, I kind of pissed off that I never realized how phenomenal just a little touch could be.

  • 100% phthalate free silicone
  • Warms to 104 degrees while vibrating
  • Available in pink, raspberry and purple

It didn’t take me long to find the right combination of vibrations and soon I had him nudging between my lips, already starting to glisten with moisture. A few thrusts later, he’s buried deep and I kick on the second motor, the one located in the little “rabbit,” and I was in heaven. HEAVEN. I kicked it up another notch and with a slight movement of my hips and a tweak and a pinch to my nipple, I was cumming. Hard.

  • Independent dual motors
  • 4 inches long with a diameter of 1.25 inches at the thickest
  • Slight G-spot curve for added pleasure
  • 8 different functions on each vibratorviv 2

I was pleasantly surprised by the Vivien’s ability to make me crest so quickly, but I was only 5 minutes into my masturbation session, and I wanted more. And let me tell you, it gave more. 3 orgasms in the next 5 minutes, along with a wet towel and a dripping hand.

Not too bad for a rabbit. Not too bad at all. This guy has found a permanent place in my nightstand drawer.

  • First, this thing is rechargeable, and thus far the best rechargeable I’ve ever seen. It’s a USB charge, which means that you can charge it just about anywhere you’ve got a computer. The charger connects with magnets on the controller. Therefore there isn’t any plug port to get dirty or worry about. Really cool feature.
  • Waterproof. Always a huge bonus! 
  • The controller is a little confusing at first, as there are only 2 buttons and they control both motors, the heat and all the functions.
  • It turns on by holding down both buttons for 3 to 5 seconds. The main vibrator will turn on. Hit the bottom button to turn on the heat. And then hit it again to change functions. Hit the top button to start the second vibrator.
  • Both vibrators have 8 functions. 1) small and steady: sss    2) slightly stronger, but not toe curling: zzz   3) strong in a numbing kind of way: ZZZ 4) quick and strong pulses: Z Z Z  5) quick, than long, with a bit of escalation: ss ss zzzzZZZZ 6) quick pulses, strong, than weak: ZZ ZZ ZZ zz zz zz 7) feels random, although I assume there is some pattern to it 8) strong, long pulses: ZZZ  ZZZ.
  • I’ve struggled to figure out how to shut it off. The directions say to hold down both buttons for 5 seconds, but that doesn’t always seem to work right away. Sometimes it likes to flip through a few functions first.
  • It’s silicone, so remember to not use silicone lubes and keep it away from other silicone toys.
  • Wash with a  toy cleaner or simply soap and water.

Really, this is a fantastic toy. If you’re thinking of a vibrator, go with this one, you will not be disappointed.