Guides and How-Tos

Here you can find LSAM advice on sex activities and practices. Hope you enjoy.

Guide to Female Masturbation: If you’re interested in rubbing one down, but don’t know where or how to start, check this out for the basics.

Making Her Squirt the First Time: Learn tips and strategies for achieving female ejaculation.

A Guide to Fisting: Practical advice if you’re looking to venture up this path.

A Submissive’s Guide to Giving Head: Discusses how to bring your submission into your blow job technique.

Nipple Play: Get advice on women’s nipples and how to play with them.

The Fundamentals of Nipple Torture: If you’re a little kinky, or think you would like some rougher nipple play, look here for ideas and beginner’s advice.

How To Want More Sex: Ways to increase your libido and get excited about sex.

Last Longer: Strategies related to lasting longer in bed.

Talk Dirty: If you’d like to tell your man how good it is, but have a tendency to clam up, check out this post to get your words flowing.

The Prostate: Your Guy’s G-Spot: Discusses stimulating your guy’s hot spot, even if he’s afraid of you going near his back door.

Swallow, It’s Good for You: Health Benefits of Semen: This not only gives the health benefits, but tells you ways to make your cum more palate worthy.

A Perfect Blow Job: As the title suggests, this is about sucking cock, and discusses the elements that take an average blow job and make it a fantastic one.



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