My Journey into Submission

Here you will find somewhat of a timeline of my journey into submission.

Novice Thoughts on BDSM: I’ve always been kinky, but this is the first time that I was actually verbalizing my thoughts about it and beginning to learn my way around the lingo.

BDSM Question: Again, here I am trying to figure out my own thoughts on the matter.

Follow Up on BDSM Question…: More talk and thoughts about BDSM and where I stood on them.

Karma’s a Bitch: On Becoming Submissive: This is right after the dynamic was put in place and the immediate impacts it had.

Crazy BitchOff the Grid, and Drama : These are me coming to terms with the issues I created in my relationship.

Finding Solid Ground: Here is when things start to settle down and M and I move forward from my transgressions.

Sometimes I’m a Brat: Learning about the Brat in me, the one I still struggle with at times, almost a year later!

Unexpected Benefits of a D/s Relationship: Focusing on how our power exchange has impacted the rest of our lives in a positive manner.

The Desire to Please: Learning about my own desires and role as a submissive.

Rules and Obligations: A detailed list of M’s expectations of me in our dynamic.

Rules and Obligations: Part 2 or What My Sir Does for Me: The reverse of the above post, listing my expectations of M.

In Response to Mr. X: An explanation of sorts of the dynamic that M and I share, spurred by a comment on a previous post.

Everybody Fights: Discussing how the impacts of fighting has changed since we have engaged in our power exchange.

Daddy’s Toy: This is how I see myself in my relationship and what I want to become to better serve my Sir.

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